14 Sassy Deep Back Neck Blouse Designs For Sarees

It can be fully covered with a very shallow neck for ladies wanting to keep covered. A deeper neck at the back is used to show off a sexy neckline. Here are 14 sassy deep back neck designs that you must try:

1. Deep V Neck Blouse With Golden Border

This one is an eye-catching back neck design, isn’t that true? It works for a wide range of sarees. If you wish to bring contemporary touches to your plain chiffon or georgette saree, this design is something you must try. The beautiful golden border is certainly adding to the overall appearance.

2. Halter Neck Blouse

For someone who loves halter necks, this one is the real deal. Hater necks are known for their sensuous designs and can instantly elevate any saree. The hook detailing at the nape of the neck adds to the uniqueness. If you want to show off your beautiful back– this is an interesting piece with all things amazing!

3. Deep Back Neck With Dori

In the event that you are searching for something simple, you could try this. It has some quirky detailing but not too much. This is something so exceptionally chic because of the utilization of Doris. The Dori and the deep back neck take this blouse to another level.

4. Bare Back With A Thin Border

There are a lot of options when you talk about deep neck or backless blouses. A contrast colored blouse can lift up the look with a thin border, and by substituting the usual piping, you will look like a million dollar diva wearing it. It is all about doing common things in an unusual way.

5. Deep Back With Hooks

In the event that you are extremely hesitant to wear a completely backless blouse, this will be a great option for you. The back won’t be quite bare when you wear this specific blouse. It has a considerably wide back with hooks and the halter detailing at the back add to its sassiness.

6. Deep Back Blouse With White Piping

It is safe to say that you are continually hoping to display that back tattoo of yours? Great – this is what you require. A printed blouse with neck piping makes it a blend of stylish and exquisite. This one is a simple yet breathtaking design.

7. Golden Deep Neck Blouse

A quite simple design however an absolute must-have in each young lady’s wardrobe. You can match it with most sarees in your wardrobe. The deep neck design is sufficient to balance off everything else that is not there. This stunningly dazzling blouse design will suit any skin tone. The top of the neckline is sprucing up the classiness of the blouse.

8. Deep Back Knotted Blouse

This one of a kind shirt back neck design can make a perfect pick for gatherings and weddings. The blouse has a deep neck that has a knot provision at the back of the neck which makes it a really sexy design to own.

There is a Dori detailing at the top of the back neckline. Utilization the two tie-up detailing gives this pullover back outline a genuine chic look.

9. Deep Back Blouse With Mirror Work

In case you’re searching for a unique piece and can’t choose among the charming designs of blouses filled in the market, this is what you should wear for the special occasion. The extraordinary blouse design decorated with mirrors is such a visual treat to the eyes. This colorful and completely staggering blouse can be combined with your plain saree or even an embroidered saree.

10. Bare Back With Strings And Pom Pom

Isn’t this design something that caught your attention immediately? It certainly did ours. A design that took the blouse market by storm – it is urbane, unique, and amazingly sensuous. It will look awesome with party wear or even cotton sarees. This is a must-have item if you love unique pieces.

11. Deep Back With Strings

Strings make blouses look sensuous. This is one blouse that each and every one of us must to have. Actually, this is a piece is loved by most women out there. It just shows off enough skin but not too much. Strings holding this delightful design together add to the overall look the saree.

12. Deep Back Blouse With Latkan

This extraordinary blouse back design is perfect for gatherings and even weddings. Here the back neck cut has a deep “V” shape which isn’t quite common. The noodle straps give it an extraordinary look. The decorations with latkans are another elegant addition to this gorgeous blouse.

13. Multicolor Beads Back Design With Strings

The multi-colored blouse has an exclusive design at the back. There are multicolored beads border around the sleeves and also at the back of the neck. Two strings are put from both the sides of the shoulder which is to be knotted in the center portion. The strings dangling look really fashionable. Strings have colorful tassels at the ends. Since the blouse is multi-colored, you can wear it with most sarees in your wardrobe.

14. Square Bare Back Blouse Design

In this most up-to-date design, both the sides of the blouse have been clasped together at the center of the back with hook detailing. The square-shaped hollow space formed by the right and left of the blouse is placed right at the center of the back. Elaborate golden floral work has been done the sleeves. This blouse will look gorgeous with silk sarees.

There has to be something special in a blouse that makes a woman look sexy and appealing. And these blouse designs will surely make you the talk of every party that you attend.

Source: keepmestylish.com

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